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Tools for Environmental Clean-up

Perlite is increasingly used to filter solids from contaminated water and absorb hazardous liquid waste due to its high-surface area, light weight, low-reactivity, and availability in a variety of grades and sizes. It is used in the transportation sector to filter stormwater runoff from roads and highways. It is found in eco-roofs where it is used to reduce the effects of stormwater surges. And fine perlite is used to absorb sludge prior to transport to landfills.



  • Eco-roofs
  • Ecology Embankment Projects
  • Media Filter Drains
  • Sludge Absorbent and Coagulant
  • Liquid waste solidification
  • Baghouse Prep
  • Filtration

Media Filter Drain containing Perlite

Product Specifications

See Tech Info for a Typical Elemental Analysis. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Contact us to discuss your application.

See Describing Perlite Particle Size for an explanation of the data shown below.

Media Filter Drain Medium Size Perlite

Used for filtering oily residue and suspended solids.

US Mesh Inches Microns % Retained by Vol. * % Passing by Vol.
4 3/16" 6350 0 100
18 3/64" 1190 70-100 0-30
30 1/64" 595 90-100 0-10

* Cumulative

  • 4.5 - 6.0 lbs/ft3 loose weight density
Perlite Fines

Various grades for filtration and absorption. Call for details and availability.

US Mesh Inches Microns % Retained by Vol. * % Passing by Vol.
Size and density varies — call for details.

* Cumulative

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